Saturday, February 6, 2016

Gitche Clean 6 Years Later

Today while organizing my work space I found a note pad containing old passwords. I stumbled upon with a password.  Of course I signed in to see what interesting tidbits I may have written about long ago.  My blog was about starting a cleaning business and being a survivor.   I mentioned having 15 customers and the effectiveness in growing my business slowly to ensure a strong customer base.   WOW

I started Gitche Clean in March of 2010.   I can't believe it has been 6 years!  Today....... my customer base is an average of 60 clients, and we clean an average of 5 houses per day.  I've developed an awesome trustworthy crew that helps me continue to grow Gitche Clean!   How lucky am I!    However, I did loose my Floral/Gift shop to the 2008 recession and my entire retirement from 21 years with Publix, all of my 401k savings along with every IRA trying to keep the Floral business going.  Oh not to mention  my impeccable credit score due to the bankruptcy I was forced into.  How lucky am I!

There are so many sayings about life and the shit it can throw your way.  My favorite is about the sour lemons and turning it into a fabulous drink by adding vodka.  I probably screwed that up but you get what I'm saying.   There is no place I would rather be ~ than in this life of mine.  Yes, I had some bad luck with taking a leap into entrepreneurship 2 years before a recession, but I pulled my big girl panties up and pressed on! 

My newest conundrum ...... should I be happy with the 60 clients and keep the pace of my happy life or should I buckle down and triple my business in the next two years?

I suppose writing a blog is more about writing for yourself as I have, I can't wait to check back 6 years from now. LOL


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gitche Clean House Cleaning Green Cleaning

Today is the beginning of my 6th week of house cleaning. I can't believe I am still enjoying it! My client count is now up to 15. It's amazing what one can accomplish when they "think".

"Think" Survival is inate, few people go through life without having to rely on their survival instincts. Me..... I have used it quite often throughout my life. After taking early retirement from Publix Supermarkets and opening my own floral / gift shop, I am a survivor. Who knew the economy would go into shock one year after I opened my business. Thank God for Publix and the knowledge I gained during my 21 years! I learned how to write a business plan for a store that made $350,000 a week and then I was responsible for following though on all goals of increased sales, increased customer count, increased net profit.... etc. I truly believe that is why Gitche' Yah Yah is still alive in its 4th year. And now, I have created Gitche' Clean.

My main goal with this new adventure is to build a strong base. I am cleaning houses at least 4 days a week and working at my floral/gift shop 6 days a week. I Never thought I would be working 60-70 hours a week again. But I must say, it is totally different when you are working for yourself. A strong base begins with experience. I suppose I could have immediately hired 2 or 3 people to do most of the work but I wanted to learn all of the techniques to save time, product and most of all $$. AND build relationships with my new clients. Word of mouth is a wonderful tool in the world of small business'.

I now have 3 friends who are helping me part-time. Friends that are in need of extra $$ to help them support themselves and their families. The one thing I miss about Publix is having the opportunity to give people jobs. My new goal? Continue to grow my business so that I can support myself, create jobs during a trying economy and walk out of a clients house knowing I have made their day a little easier!